Used lumber = front porch

Hey guys (and gals)! We've been back in NC since Tuesday. We have the camper set up, running water, Sarah has worked hard to organize all our stuff, and progress is moving quickly.  It rained a lot yesterday and my truck got stuck in the driveway so we spent sometime this morning pulling it out.… Continue reading Used lumber = front porch


Setting up camp

Hey guys (and gals)! We've been here a couple days now. The trip up here was rather eventful. Check out the details on Sarah's post at As of today we have running water from the creek although it's a little cold. The generator seems to run everything we need. Sarah has it all organized… Continue reading Setting up camp

Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building. 

Hey guys! We are doing well with really not a lot of time invested yet. We went out for about  3 hours in the morning and  maybe  about  2 hours this evening.  We started out the day by pulling trees up mostly in the driveway but from a few  other places close to the homesite.… Continue reading Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building.¬†

Cleaning the land- Day 1

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to check on our progress.   We started the day in town running between the courthouse, county  records office, and inspectors office.  We were trying to get all the paperwork lined up and be sure we were good to start cleaning up the property. We also wanted to get… Continue reading Cleaning the land- Day 1