We are the McClintock family.Here you can read about who we are and why we decided to take this journey.

My name is Troy and I’m  originally from Indiana. My work background is construction  doing everything from residential construction and remodeling to commercial construction. For many years building pools and even owned a pool company in Indiana.

The big kids- Troy has 4 children from a previous marriage. His son Troy was in the airforce but is currently working on earning his engineering degree and working on airplanes. Macy is a proud mother of two handsome little boys and works at Cummins. Carly is currently traveling the country and working the land. Madison is an extremely  talented  singer and guitar  player .


The Little kids- we have 3 still at home. Abbie is 11 and all girl. She loves crafts, cooking, and her younger siblings. Jack is 6 and all about star wars. He’s very in to working with his daddy and learning everything he can about his daddy’s work. Our youngest is Lily and she has a personality that is larger than life. She’s determined not to let her tiny size prevent her from doing everything the rest of us are doing.

Our 4 legged member is Trouble. She’s is 1   and 1/2 and full of energy. She can’t wait to make the move and have wide open space to play and a homestead to care for.


My wife is Sarah. She studied child development in school which has come in handy as a mom and as a teacher for our children. She helps me out in our business and on our land building and homesteading  as well as writing her own blog over at ittakesasaviortoraiseachild. WordPress.com

We are a Christian family dedicated to raising our family up to share the word of God. Homeschooling came as a 2 part decision. We were very unhappy with the things that are happening and not happening in schools today and since the youngest 2 were always sick because of their medical problems we wanted to homeschool and provide the education and life experiences we felt we were best.


As far as homesteading…why not?!? First of all it will provide lots family time, provide our children with sense of pride and in still good work ethics and the reward of hard work and commitment to God and family- things you can’t really get in school today. Secondly we can provide for family not just monetary value but in things we can actually produce to support our selves. We know that it won’t always be the easiest or most glamorous lifestyle but the payoff will definitely out way the obstacles we’ll overcome.