Its been a while…

Hello again guys and gals…I know its been a while since I’ve wrote and while things on the mountain have been going great the log home building has been slow.This is not for lack of work to be done.The work is never ending.. its just the scope of work is all over the is with great pleasure though that I can repor we have started digging the basement out and should have footers in the ground within the week.After that the project should take shape rather quickly. Have added a few pictures to go along with this post .I hope you enjoy them and look forward to writing more in the very near future.Thank you all for hanging in there with us and Gods speed to all of you…thanks…troy20171006_18261020171005_14353320171005_114103



1 thought on “Its been a while…”

  1. I really admire you guys. I had to get on my roof this past weekend to try to stop a leak and it was a major thing for me to have my feet off the ground. You guys rock!!!


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