Hey Guys (and Gals)

So not much has been happening here besides rain. We had more than 6 inches in a 6 hour period 2 nights ago. As a result it washed a huge chunk of our road out approximately a mile from our driveway. We discovered this yesterday morning while I was on the way out to go to work. Its very hard to see in pictures but this hole goes back under the road almost to the side of the mountain. We thankfully got out safely and are waiting to be able to return back home.

Trouble thought this way a fun place to play but she didn’t realize how dangerous it was as road was still falling in. She enjoyed pouncing on the edge and watching it fall in…her name is what it is for a reason.

I’ve been working just a little around the land on a few projects. I’ve cut more trees and Sarah has started to strip them.We’ve cleared the waterfall out some and its flowing a little better. Its something we will continue to work on.

We’ve also been collecting river rock for a driveway. With all this unusual rain and neither of us having a 4 wheel drive vehicle we’ve been completely dependent on the side by side. That however hasn’t been much of a match for the mud and steep hills plus isn’t fun in the rain. We are making it though. We’ve began to lay the river rock on the drive and will continue as weather and time allows.

We’ve got a mailbox, porta potty, temporary power pole, local driver’s license, and library cards so we feel pretty official here now.
As far as work goes I am building up a client base here. I’m also sub contracting from a construction company.  One job I’ve been working is doing river rock or stack stone around a barn. 

We’ve met some awesome people here. Everyone has offered to help in someway- giving us materials, helping with projects, or support and encouragement. We’ve really enjoyed it so far. The kids are adjusting and Trouble loves it here. We’ve certainly began to see our dreams come true here.

Well with all the rain I’m not able to do much so this post has to end here but stay tuned as this rain won’t last forever and things will be happening shortly.


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