Sail…word of the day..

sail is a tensile structure—made from fabric or other membrane materials—that uses wind power to propel sailing craft, including sailing shipssailboatswindsurfersice boats, and sail-powered land vehicles. Definition  found at:

When I think about the word ..sail…i am reminded of several events…some that changed the course of humanity….some that changed the course of our great nation and some that just changed the course of individuals. Let’s first discuss the big one…Christopher Columbus  sailed off into the great unknown in 1492.Can you imagine when everyone thought the world was flat and if you sailed out to far into the ocean you would fall off.While not actually knowing what would happen he took a chance along with other brave men who knew there had to be something more out there and as they say…..the rest of the story is history!!! Then there is the story of the Mayflower…a group of individuals who took it upon themselves to change the course of a nation against all odds.It could not have been an easy decision to set sail across a huge ocean full of unknowns but once again their desire for something better for humanity as a whole drove them to complete  an almost impossible mission..and once again….the rest is history!!! Then there is the rest of us who Every day sometimes against great odds…rely on those virtual sails to propel us out into the world we live in and make something happen.Sometimes it’s something as simple as getting up and going to work to support our family. Other  times its more complicated like dealing with a loved one who has a terminal disease. Whatever the situation I have learned to trust in God to as they say..put the wind in my sail and propel me on and accomplish His purpose for my life.As long as we put Him first He will never leave us or forsake us in this great ocean of humanity which we are attempting to sail  thru every day.troy✌



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