Another day not on the mountain..

Hey guys (and gals)…. As those of you who have followed my blog as well as my wife’s ittakesasaviortoraiseachild……know we are anxiously anticipating getting on the mountain and continue this journey that God has blessed us with.Im sure there is not a day goes by that I express to Sarah that I can’t wait to get out of alabama and on to our new life.In the process though I am constantly reminded that I am to be aware not to lose track of the moment and living in the moment. I am all to aware of my own faults of hoping and thinking of the future and missing out on the present.Lets all thank God for not only what we want Him to do for us but for what He  is doing for us at the present time. We could miss out on something special if we are not careful. I say this robremund myself more than anything. None of us are guarenteed another breath let alone another day or week or year. Today is the day the Lord has made .Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Troy ✌


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