Photo challenge of the week..DELTA

Hey guys I’m sure you all have seen over the past few months the story of United airlines kicking  (literally kicking) an innocent passenger of the plane to make room for “frequent flyer “.Then the stories of Delta airlines kicking a man off for going to the bathroom before  flight and countless other stories involving rash decisions .If you were like me it made no sense and seemed to only cause lots of needless trouble for the air line.In wake of the incident  (as time has passed)The company has initiated several changes on the policy of how to treat their passengers. All to often it takes something bad even terrible to make necessary changes.Its our job as people in general to be proactive in making sure we do everything possible to make the right changes before the inevitable happens.Im sure you’ve heard the saying…Its gonna take some time or time heals all wounds and while that may be true in some instances let’s not take to much time or sit back and let others do the job when if we as individuals can do something to make a difference no matter how big or small whether its be in our community or in our own lives.Life is a daily transition, we are always going and coming from one thing or another so with that being said let’s look first of all to the Lord for His help by praying and reading the Word for guidance, wisdom,and understanding. The BIBLE says if any man (or woman) lacks understanding let him ask God and it will be given FREELY TO him.If you think about it it’s pretty simple…got a problem don’t know what to do where to go next????all we have to do is ask God and seek His wisdom and we will  be given the answers. I challenge you today as you go thru the trials and tribulations  …all the transitions in your life to seek God first then all those things all the questions and the answers…will be added unto you.I have a feeling if those who were responsible for what happened on that Delta and United airlines flight would have looked to the Lord first and not been so hasty in their decisions things would have turned out a lot different. Troy ✌


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