Septic inspection..

Hey guys (and gals)..great news !!Just talked to my father n law and he met with the county health inspector at the property. Although the place where we cleared the land for the septic was done according to their specification the ground was not acceptable to put the septic  (or leach feild)in.But….the guy was nice enough to continue looking for a spot that would actually work. Although their rules are if what you have done will not work you have to clear more land and pay another 100 dollars. Between the inspector and my father n law they were able to find a suitable location and avoid clearing more land before signing off on the inspection.Thank you Jesus!!!!! The inspector was happy with everything else we had done as far as clearing the site for the house and well. So now the next step is to finish the swimming pool here,load up some tools, and head to the mountain. Along the way we will stop off at our new friend Vernon’s house and pick up our new home away from home and new digs for the next few months while we get started on cutting the trees for the new house.WOW I can’t actually believe this is happening!!!! I am truly grateful to everyone who has given us this opportunity and especially to the good Lord who has blessed me with the talent to carry this out for my family. God has given each of us something special not for our own good but to be a blessing to others and we need  to remember that if we don’t use it for that purpose He can take it away and give it to someone who will…anyway I’m not here to preach but just to be a suttle  reminder of why we are all here on this earth. Ok…stay tuned people things are heating up !!!!!!troy✌

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