Getting ready to move on the mountain…

Hey guys  (And gals)…. 

As you know we are getting ready to move to the mountain. Even though we have to sell our house we have been fortunate enough to get permission and sign all the legal documents to get started building and preparing the site for our log home.I spent the day yesterday sitting on the couch (after being stung by around 10 bees while mowing the grass)looking for a pop up camper to stay in while we cut down trees and prepare them to build with. While the funds are pretty tight right now we were blessed to find a person who was willing to agree to two hundred dollars down and 200 every 3 weeeks until we pay it off. What a blessing!!!! At the moment I am building and above ground pool for a family in Columbus Georgia and after that it’s off to the mountain! It is truly amazing how God works in your life if you just give Him a chance. The gentleman that agreed to our terms just happens  to live on the way to our future home…unbelievable…anyway we will be able to pick up the camper and arrive on the mountain aproximently 2 hours later and be set up by nightfall….talk about  a dream come true. I would like to take this time to thank Vernon… a man I’ve never met…that was  willing to take a chance on a couple dreamers like Sarah and myself and be part of something that means so much to our family so Thanks Vernon ..your awesome …and welcome aboard !!!!I promise we won’t let you down!!I guess  for now that’s about it …until then……thanks for following!!!troy ✌

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