Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building. 

Hey guys!

We are doing well with really not a lot of time invested yet. We went out for about  3 hours in the morning and  maybe  about  2 hours this evening. 

We started out the day by pulling trees up mostly in the driveway but from a few  other places close to the homesite.

As you can  see I hooked up the nylon strap to the trees  and side by side. Sarah did the pulling and let me tell you this is the way to go. We got about  20 smaller trees out in about 3 hours and didn’t  break our backs pulling them up root and all. This can be dangerous so please take your time and pay attention.

It did make a few ruts in the driveway but that grader from yesterday will take care of that. 

Sarah’s dad gave us some wood he wasn’t using so this afternoon I started  working  on a shelter. Here is a picture of the work I’ve  gotten done on it done so far.  

Look for a post to follow shortly with directions on how you can build something similar. This is an extremely easy method and requires no nails or screws. In fact the only tools you need are a chainsaw and post hole diggers or a shovel.

My mother in law brought the kid’s down today as well as her 2 dogs and our pup. The kids enjoyed seeing it and the dogs loved all the space they had to run and play. We packed up after the kid’s hiked around a little bit.  Sarah and I rode home on the side by side and left before everyone else.  Before we knew it Trouble was in front of us running home. We were going about 20mph and she left us in her dust…this girls got some energy. She ran 10 miles before Well made her get in the ATV.  Well guys tomorrow is another day and I’m  beat so I’m going to enjoy some family time before I got the hay.  Keep checking back as we’d love for you to  follow our progress. Troy ✌

4 thoughts on “Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building. ”

    1. Thanks for the comment we are very excited about the future and look forward to sharing with this community. You guys look like you have your hands full also but what a great load to be carrying!!!! We look forward to your progress also and your family will be in our prayers. Thanks again Troy and Sarah McClintock

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