Bobcats make the work go faster 

Hey guys!

Welcome back  and thanks for checking back in. So after 3 days of clearing the land by hand and with the use of the ATV we decided to rent a bobcat. It made a few weeks work of manual labor just 3 days of easier labor. 

Taking a break for lunch that my babydoll brought 

We had to clear about  2 acres to get the land perk tested. After clearing that we  staked out the house, proposed  septic location, and proposed well location.  I drew up the maps and we are turning in all the applications today.  Then Sarah’s dad will meet with the environmental  services department in about  2 weeks  because  we will be back in  Alabama  building a pool.

Now operating any kind of heavy equipment is dangerous work. If you  don’t know what you’re doing you might consider hiring someone else to do it.

 I’ve  operated heavy equipment for many years and am a certified operator but it’s still tricky and dangerous on a mountain side…just ask Sarah because she was a nervous wreck watching some of the things I had to do. My father in law stayed the entire time in case something went wrong.

This stump took over 30 minutes to remove but with out the bobcat it might have been impossible
Junebug and I standing in the location our front porch will be

This work has whooped my butt but we have been blessed to be invited to use a friend’s hot tub anytime we want to relax and soak sore muscles.

This hot tub is located in 100 privately owned acres and over looks it’s own waterfall…talk about relaxing..

Thanks for watching our  progress.  We’d love to hear from you as well go.

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