Cleaning the land- Day 1

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to check on our progress.  

We started the day in town running between the courthouse, county  records office, and inspectors office.  We were trying to get all the paperwork lined up and be sure we were good to start cleaning up the property. We also wanted to get exact measurements on it because  as you can see in the picture below it’s  a really oddly shaped lot. We are the red lot. We weren’t however able to locate the platform with measurements as the county has been switching this between offices and forth now anyways have missed placed it.

After that we ran a few errands for Sarah’s mom and dad before heading to Lowe’s for some supplies we’d need. Then down to the property to start. 

We  were extremely excited to see our first  tree come down even though at first it was just the small ones. 

While I continue to cut trees down Sarah carried off limbs and began cleaing up the driveway all the way up to the roundabout. 

Before we left for the day we wanted to put some stakes in the ground depicting the approximate center  of the home on both the front and back sides of the cabin. 

We were packing up for the evening when we heard an ATV approaching  in the distance(We have no neighbors so we expected it was Sarah’s parents). We were greeted  by Cody my in laws dog. 

My father in law rode down with a grader he’d  borrowed  from a friend on the mountain. It worked great and made a big difference in the short amount of time he was there. 

The storms were rolling in and it was time to get back to the babies  so we’ve  decided to  call it a night. Thanks  guys for checking in and we hope you  enjoy following the  progress .

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