Huge Giveaway-Camera DV100-Join The Contest Now!

Look at this awesome giveaway my wife found. It's be perfect for us to use in sharing our journey with the world. If you'd like a free top of the lime camera (And who wouldn't like that) then you should, no you must go enter to win.       Source: Huge Giveaway-Camera DV100-Join The… Continue reading Huge Giveaway-Camera DV100-Join The Contest Now!


Repurposed knife…

I commented on our noharminfarmin friends blog about having your own style in whatever your into making.You can read my comments on his blog but here are a couple pics of the knives uve made out of old knives hope  you like. Troy✌

Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building. 

Hey guys! We are doing well with really not a lot of time invested yet. We went out for about  3 hours in the morning and  maybe  about  2 hours this evening.  We started out the day by pulling trees up mostly in the driveway but from a few  other places close to the homesite.… Continue reading Pulling trees down and building a small shelter building. 

Bobcats make the work go faster 

Hey guys! Welcome back  and thanks for checking back in. So after 3 days of clearing the land by hand and with the use of the ATV we decided to rent a bobcat. It made a few weeks work of manual labor just 3 days of easier labor.  We had to clear about  2 acres… Continue reading Bobcats make the work go faster 

Cleaning the land- Day 1

Hey guys! Thanks for coming back to check on our progress.   We started the day in town running between the courthouse, county  records office, and inspectors office.  We were trying to get all the paperwork lined up and be sure we were good to start cleaning up the property. We also wanted to get… Continue reading Cleaning the land- Day 1