Seeing the dream

So we’ve talked for years(10 to be exact) about building a cabin in the mountains. Sarah’s parents have one in North Carolina but in all these years we’d never gone.  They also have a 10 acre lot at the bottom of their mountain that they have decided against building on. We dreamed and dreamed about having that land. Then we began the conversation with my in laws. Of course they loved the idea of having the grand babies closer so they were on board to sell us the land. But as a family we’d still never seen it (the kids go every summer and Sarah had been 11 years ago) so it didn’t even seem real.

At Christmas time we finally got to. We arrived late one night about a week before Christmas so we didn’t get to do much our first day but the family time sure was nice. This was troubles first ever vacation and first off leash activities so she was in heaven even the first night. 

Early the next morning I began a construction project of covering the deck at my in laws cabin so the kids and Sarah went out with her mom to explore the mountain and see our land. 

Oh it was beautiful! The views of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the mountain peaks, and valley below. It was certainly a glimpse of what our place on the outskirts of Heaven will be one day when we live with the good Lord.

 Later that day we explored and dreamed together before attending a Christmas party with my in laws friends where before the night was over I had several job offers and even more friends. 

Over the next few days the construction got finished, ATV rides were taken, friends were made, lots of home tours were gladly given, and many trips to what will be our home site were taken. We walked the land plotted where we wanted our cabin, and got ideas for what we liked and didn’t like. We toured a home that was just like what we are building just larger so we got, a feeling a sense, and actual real idea of what it’s going to be like. 

Hope you stick around to watch the progress. And Merry Christmas everyone!

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